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Alois Alzheimer Patient , photo by Rebecca Borello, 2016

James Rosenberger, Therapeutic Musician

National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians
How is Therapeutic music different?
Click here to see an excerpt from the ALIVE INSIDE video documentary.The use of music for healing and therapy is as old as time.

Clinical or therapeutic music provides one-on-one music to the ill and the dying in hospitals, hospices, homes, and other clinical settings. The therapeutic musician focuses on one patient at a time; this results in meeting the patient’s needs in the moment—thus, creating a nurturing environment that facilitates healing.

Therapeutic music is unobtrusive and soothing, in short, music offered in service. In 2016 the Alois Alzheimer Center commissioned Mr. Rosenberger to play at bedside for its hospice patients and this work continues today benefitting both patients and family members in a variety of settings.

Research has demonstrated that live, therapeutic music can...
  • Affect respiration
  • Stabilize heart rate
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Decrease muscular tension
  • Reduce need for anesthesia and pain relievers
  • Accelerate surgical recovery and physical healing
Dr. Raymond Bahr, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

For research abstracts relating to therapeutic music, go to http://www.mhtp.org/what-is-therapeutic-music/.
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